Performance of a MFS-based mosfet for low temperature applications

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P.J. Garcí­a-Ramí­rez
F. Sandoval-Ibarra


A split-drain MAGFET has been designed for detecting magnetic fields at very low temperature. In this design a key parameter is the Hall angle, which indicates the current line deviation due to the Lorentz force acting on the charge carriers. It is well known that reducing the work temperature the carrier mobility increases, therefore an increase in carrier deflection is expected. As a consequence the split-drain MAGFET is able to detect magnetic fields below 1mT at 77K with low power consumption. Experimental results of a wide temperature range (20K< T <300K) are presented.



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Garcí­a-Ramí­rezP., & Sandoval-Ibarra, F. (2005). Performance of a MFS-based mosfet for low temperature applications. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 3(01).