A2× voltage generator analytical model

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E. Vargas-Calderón
F. Sandoval-Ibarra
E. Montoya-Suárez
O. Corona-Murguí­a


Since portable systems and processing power applications demand efficient power consumption, this paper deals with the development of an analytical model based on the on-resistance effect of MOS switches to design a silicon-based char-pump voltage generator (VG). This model that is developed for adding design parameters under the designer’s control is a useful design tool to quickly estimate the VG’s performance in the time domain. Numerical results are compared with transistor-level simulation to validate not only the analytical model, but also to estimate the integration area of a silicon-based VG. It was found that an on-resistance ranging from zero to 50 Ω presents a relative error of 2%. Experimental results show the usefulness of the proposed design model.



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Vargas-Calderón, E., Sandoval-Ibarra, F., Montoya-Suárez, E., & Corona-Murguí­aO. (2007). A2× voltage generator analytical model. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 5(01). https://doi.org/10.22201/icat.16656423.2007.5.01.541