Published: 2024-04-30

Fly ash and ceramic residue based geopolymer mortars

S. A. Muttaqin, S. Subari, B. D. Erlangga, H. Aliyah


IoT network to water management in an irrigation district: Study case in Colombia

L. Rios-Rojas, J. Ordonez-Córdoba, B. Bulla, O. Gómez, R. Enciso, M. Martínez


A non-intrusive wave measurement device for accurate analysis and real-time data

Z. M. Yusop, M. F. I. Y. Khan, M. A. Jusoh, A. Albani, M. Z. Ibrahim, M. S. Yahya, M. H. M. Salleh


The effect of surface roughness parameters on frictional properties of AlSi10Mg alloy

Riyadh A. Al-Samarai, Abdulsalam Y. Obaid, Y. Al-Douri


Rapid in situ determination of boron in irrigated waters using a new colorimetric kit

S. A. Ramírez Revilla, C. M. Paredes Murillo, M. S. Medina-Herrera, D. Camacho-Valencia


Effect of blade materials on the undershot water turbine performance

E. Yohanes Setiawan, D. Hari Praswanto, S. Bahri L. M.