A pure nodal-analysis method suitable for analog circuits using nullors

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E. Tlelo-Cuautle
L.A. Sarmiento-Reyes


A novel technique suitable for computer-aided analysis of analog integrated circuits (ICs) is introduced. This technique uses the features of both nodal-analysis (NA) and symbolic analysis, at nullor level. First, the nullor is used to model the ideal behavior of several analog devices, namely: transistors, opamps, OTAs, and current conveyors. From this modeling approach, it is shown how to transform circuits working in voltage-mode to current-mode and vice-versa. Second, it is demonstrated that using nullors, all non-NA-compatible elements can be transformed into NA-compatible ones, this results in a computationally-improved pure-NA method. Third, the computation of fully-symbolic expressions using MAPLEV, is described. It is demonstrated that a symbolic expression gives more insight in the behavior and performance of the circuit. Finally, several examples demonstrate the suitability and appropriateness of the proposed method to be used in education.



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Tlelo-Cuautle, E., & Sarmiento-Reyes, L. (2003). A pure nodal-analysis method suitable for analog circuits using nullors. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 1(03). https://doi.org/10.22201/icat.16656423.2003.1.03.608

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