Automatic synthesis of 2D‐n‐scrolls chaotic systems by behavioral modeling

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J. M. Muñoz-Pacheco
E. Tlelo-Cuautle


This paper introduces the guidelines to synthesize 2D chaotic systems by means of high‐level descriptions. The aim of this investigation is to synthesize 2D‐n‐scrolls chaotic systems based on saturated functions with multisegments. The new methodology of circuit synthesis is performed by three hierarchical levels. First, the 2D chaotic oscillator is numerically simulated at the electronic system level by applying state variables and piecewise‐linear approximation. Second, the excursion levels of the chaotic signals are scaled to control the breaking points and slopes of the saturated functions within practical values. Additionally, the frequency scaling of 2D‐n‐scrolls chaotic attractors is performed. Finally, current and voltage saturated functions are synthesized using Verilog‐A models for the operational amplifiers and in this manner a 2D chaotic system is synthesized using operational amplifiers to generate 2D‐n‐scrolls attractors. Numerical results are confirmed by H‐SPICE simulations to show the usefulness of the proposed synthesis approach.



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Muñoz-Pacheco, J. M., & Tlelo-Cuautle, E. (2009). Automatic synthesis of 2D‐n‐scrolls chaotic systems by behavioral modeling. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 7(01).

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