Fingerprint Recognition Using Local Features and Hu Moments

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G. Aguilar-Torres
G. Sánchez-Pérez
K. Toscano-Medina
H. Pérez-Meana


Person identification systems based on fingerprint patterns called Automatic Fingerprint Identification Systems, AFIS,are some of the most widely used biometric methods since they provide a high degree of success. The accuracy ofAFIS is mainly due to some unique characteristics called minutiae, which are points where a curve track finishes,intersects with another curve track, or branches off. During past decades several efficient minutia-based fingerprintrecognition algorithms have been proposed which achieve false recognition rates close to 1%, however, theirrecognition rate may be still improved. To this end, this paper presents a fingerprint recognition method using acombination of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) with Gabor filters for image enhancement. Next, fingerprintrecognition is carried out using a novel recognition stage based on Local Features and Hu invariant moments forverification.



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Aguilar-Torres, G., Sánchez-Pérez, G., Toscano-Medina, K., & Pérez-Meana, H. (2012). Fingerprint Recognition Using Local Features and Hu Moments. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 10(5).