Cropping Resilient Watermarking Based on Histogram Modification

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M. Cedillo-Hernandez
M. Nakano-Miyatake
F. Garcia-Ugalde
H. Perez-Meana


This paper proposes a watermarking scheme robust against most common geometric and signal processing operations,for applications that require an accurate detection of the owner watermark even if the digital image suffers intentional andnon-intentional attacks. The proposed scheme is based on two modifications introduced in two 2D histograms. In thefirst modification a selected region of a 2D histogram, composed by red and green (R-G) color components, is modifiedaccording to the watermark bit sequence; while in the second modification another 2D histogram, composed by blue (B)and filtered red (R) components, is partitioned into several blocks to embed the watermark data bits. The experimentalresults show fairly good robustness against several geometric distortions, common signal processing operations andsome quite aggressive combined attacks. A watermark robustness comparison with the related works and an analysis ofthe embedding method from the watermark robustness point of view are provided, in order to explain the robustnessimprovement of the proposed algorithm, especially against rotation and cropping attacks. The ROC curves also providedto show the desirable detection performance of the proposed method. Comparisons with the previously reportedmethods, based on different techniques, are also provided



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Cedillo-Hernandez, M., Nakano-Miyatake, M., Garcia-Ugalde, F., & Perez-Meana, H. (2013). Cropping Resilient Watermarking Based on Histogram Modification. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 11(5).