Published: 2021-04-29

The problem of crack formation in thin sublayers of silicon oxide during pulsed heating of interconnects

Arkadiy A. Skvortsov, Marina V. Koryachko, Pavel A. Skvortsov, Mikhail N. Luk'yanov


Controllability of pore size on macroporous sol-gel silica films embedding rhodamine 6G

J. Castañeda Contreras, H. Pérez Ladrón de Guevara, M. A. Menéses Nava, V. F. Marañón Ruiz, R. Chiu Zarate, R. Rodríguez Rojas, R. J. Patakfalvi


A simple laser beam characterization apparatus based on imaging

F. Bisti, I. Alexeev, M. Lanzetta, M. Schmidt


Recovery of copper through concentration processes from ashes produced by WEEE pyrolysis

N. Rojas Arias, S.F. Rojas Arias, L. A. Medrano Rivera, M. E. Mendoza Oliveros