Published: 2020-12-31

Optical limiting phenomenon study in oils of vegetable origin

O. Marbello O., S. Valbuena D., F. J. Racedo N.


Comparison of different feeding techniques for a patch antenna at an X frequency band to evaluate its quantitative impact on the antenna’s parameters

Rabia Shafique, Kelash Kanwar, Fida Hussain, Ruben Morales Menendez, Mohammad Khubeb Siddiqui, Haris Jawad Arain, Monica Mehrotra


AI-based smart and intelligent wheelchair

K. Rahimunnisa, Atchaiya M., Brindhhiniy Arunachalam, V. Divyaa


A manufacturability-based assessment and design modification support tool

Esraa S. Abdelall, Luay Alawneh, Mohamed Eldakroury