A Survey of Intelligent Car Parking System

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Faheem Faheem
S.A. Mahmud
G.M. Khan
M. Rahman
H. Zafar


The industrialization of the world, increase in population, slow paced city development and mismanagement of theavailable parking space has resulted in parking related problems. There is a dire need for a secure, intelligent, efficientand reliable system which can be used for searching the unoccupied parking facility, guidance towards the parkingfacility, negotiation of the parking fee, along with the proper management of the parking facility. Intelligent ParkingService is a part of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). This paper reviews different Intelligent Parking Servicesused for parking guidance, parking facility management and gives an insight into the economic analysis of such projects.The discussed systems will be able to reduce the problems which are arising due to unavailability of a reliable, efficientand modern parking system, while the economic analysis technique will help in analyzing the projects' feasibility.



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Faheem, F., Mahmud, S., Khan, G., Rahman, M., & Zafar, H. (2013). A Survey of Intelligent Car Parking System. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 11(5). https://doi.org/10.1016/S1665-6423(13)71580-3