Projector Calibration for Pattern Projection Systems

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I. Din
H. Anwar
I. Syed
H. Zafar
L. Hasan


In this paper we proposed a method for geometric calibration of a projector. This method makes use of a calibratedcamera to calibrate the projector. Since the projector works inversely with a camera i.e., it projects the image instead ofcapturing it, so it can be considered as a reverse camera. The projector is calibrated with the help of a calibrated camerausing two types of chessboard, a printed chessboard and a projected chessboard by the projector. The object points ofthe projected chessboard pattern are measured with the help of calibrated camera and the image points are directlyacquired from the chessboard pattern to be projected. Then using these object points and image points the projector iscalibrated. Once the projector calibration is done, the transformation matrices (from projector to screen, from camera toscreen and from camera to projector) are determined which are used for the reconstruction of the 3D geometry.



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Din, I., Anwar, H., Syed, I., Zafar, H., & Hasan, L. (2014). Projector Calibration for Pattern Projection Systems. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 12(1).