Investigation of emission behaviour for tamarind seed powder-based firecracker

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Manikandan R
Rajesh Shanmugavel


In the fireworks industry during the bursting of firecrackers, people are affected by health issues by inhaling the chemical particulates matter. When bursting of a firecracker, fuel is mixed with oxygen and releases energy in the form of heat and also contaminated gases. Tamarind seed powder-based fire crackers have been taken for analysis and an emission test was performed. For existing firecrackers, the rate of emissions like CO, CO2, HC, O2, PEF is in the range of 0.032, 0.020, 15, 28.13, and 0.546. For Tamarind seed powder-based firecracker the emission range is reduced compared to the normal firecracker and the emission test results are 0.018, 0.10, 6, 22.12, and 0.546. From the emission test results, the discharge rate of CO and HC, and O2 is reduced for modified firecracker composition. So the Tamarind seed powder-based firecracker influences less emission rate and makes the environment cleaner.



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R, M., & Shanmugavel, R. (2022). Investigation of emission behaviour for tamarind seed powder-based firecracker. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 20(3), 298-305.