An Unambiguous Tracking Scheme Using Partial-Pulses for BOC Signals

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Y. Lee
S. R. Lee
S. Yoo
H. Liu
S. Yoon


The recent researches on the tracking of binary offset carrier (BOC) modulated signals have been studied focusing onresolving the ambiguity problem caused by the multiple side-peaks in BOC autocorrelation. In this paper, we proposea novel unambiguous BOC tracking scheme with an improved tracking performance by using partial-pulses of BOCsignals. Firstly, we observe that a sub-carrier consists of two partial rectangular pulses referred to as partial-pulses,and then, generate multiple partial-correlations composing the BOC autocorrelation. Finally, a correlation function withno side-peak is constructed by combining the partial-correlations, and then, a delay lock loop employing the proposedunambiguous correlation function adjusts the phase of the local BOC signals. From numerical results, it is confirmedthat the proposed scheme provides a better tracking performance than the conventional schemes in terms of thetracking error standard deviation.



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Lee, Y., Lee, S. R., Yoo, S., Liu, H., & Yoon, S. (2014). An Unambiguous Tracking Scheme Using Partial-Pulses for BOC Signals. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 12(6).