Network coding based energy efficient LEACH protocol for WSN

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G. M. Tamilselvan Tamilselvan
K. Gandhimathi


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) consists of low cost tiny sensor nodes with limited energy resource, so it is a tedious task to develop energy efficient routing schemes that enhances the network lifetime. In WSN, clustering is used to improve the efficiency of finite energy resource. LEACH protocol is one of the widely used clustering techniques in WSN. So, in this paper, an energy efficient LEACH protocol is designed with network coding for WSN. Initially, the clusters are formed with the LEACH protocol, where it uses the residual energy metric and drain rate to select the cluster heads.  Since network coding is an optimal technique to enhance the network performance by minimizing the number of transmissions, it is incorporated into the LEACH Protocol, where it has been applied at the cluster head levels. Furthermore, the next level of network coding is processed at a node by selecting any of the nodes as a master node. The simulation results show that the proposed scheme performs better than the EE-LEACH and LEACH protocol in terms of network lifetime, packet delivery ratio.



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Tamilselvan, G. M. T., & Gandhimathi, K. (2019). Network coding based energy efficient LEACH protocol for WSN. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 17(1).
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G. M. Tamilselvan Tamilselvan

Department of EIE Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Sathyamangalam, Tamilnadu, India

K. Gandhimathi

Department of CSE P. A. College of Engineering and Technology Pollachi, Coimbatore, India