Lifetime enhancement in wireless sensor networks using binary search tree based data aggregation

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Gopikrishnan S.
Priakanth P.


Energy efficient data aggregation is a key solution to enhance the lifetime of wireless sensor networks since sensor nodes are battery-powered and deployed in remote environments. This article explore a two-hop data aggregation tree construction algorithm using binary search tree to reduce the total energy consumption of sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks. An adaptive and hybrid routing algorithm for simultaneous data aggregation and exploit the data correlation between nodes using the two-hop data aggregation tree framework is proposed. Routes are chosen based on the shortest response time for the broadcasting request to minimize the total energy expended by the network. This paper also proposes a high secure asymmetric key cryptography algorithm to provide the secure data communication among the network. The data aggregation function that is used in the proposed routing algorithm enhances the lifetime of sensor network by resolving the delay, collision and security issues. Simulations results show that the binary tree based data aggregation can appreciably reduces the total energy consumption and resolves the maximum data aggregation issues in wireless sensor network.  



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S., G., & P., P. (2019). Lifetime enhancement in wireless sensor networks using binary search tree based data aggregation. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 16(6).
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Gopikrishnan S.

Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology, Karpagam College of Engineering, Coimbatore, India.

Priakanth P.

Professor, Department of Computer Technology, Kongu Engineering College, Erode, India.