Optimization on RF devices design applied in wireless communications

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C. Alor
D. H. Covarrubias2


Third generation (3G) cellular mobile communications demands very strict requirements on transreceptor devices design, in mobile terminal or base station [1]. Particularly, in mobile terminal, design requirements of power amplifier indicate the next parameters: High linearity (<-42dBc), low distortion (-42dBc), compression level of 1 dB, power gain (> 20 dB), maximum output power (28 dB), by the way of together carry out with the relationship Carrier to Interference (C/I) of 9 dB [2]. In this article, we will present the optimum design of these devices that carrying with such requirements, furthermore, saving more than 20 % of general power consumption in DC



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Alor, C., & Covarrubias2D. H. (2003). Optimization on RF devices design applied in wireless communications. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 1(01). https://doi.org/10.22201/icat.16656423.2003.1.01.600