Meteorological unit for didactic uses (UMUD)

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R. Damián
G. Calva
M. Bañuelos
J. Castillo
S. Quintana


The most important intention of the didactic meteorological unit is to give a support for the students to obtain an general view of their environment as a set of systems, and to understand the relationship among them, as well as to make some kind of forecasting. This meteorological unit is integrated with national components that make it very low in cost, and easy to maintain since all the mechanical parts are national likewise, and the electronic components can be obtained easily in the national market.



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Damián, R., Calva, G., Bañuelos, M., Castillo, J., & Quintana, S. (2004). Meteorological unit for didactic uses (UMUD). Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 2(03).