Capture of events MIDI in parallel with FPGAs'

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M. Peña
A. De Luca


The project consists on designing, in FPGA system, a special dynamic memory MCS-S (MIDI Capture System-Segmented) to capture, in real time and in parallel form, musical data that come from a group of instruments while they play in an orchestra, as well as to obtain their score. Inside the system, each single memory segment stores the notes corresponding to each instrument. The control system prepares automatically the necessary memory cells for each instrument and inserts new notes in each segment in parallel form. The electronic components of this system are programmed in VHDL, to carry out later the implementation in FPGA.



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Peña, M., & De Luca, A. (2004). Capture of events MIDI in parallel with FPGAs’. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 2(03).