Acoustic emission analyzer

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J. J. Almeida-Pérez
R. Chaparro-Sánchez
A. Rojas-Molina
R. Rí­os-Cabrera


In this paper appears a solution for acoustic emission analysis commonly known as noise. For the accomplishment of this work a personal computer is used, besides sensors (microphones) and boards designed and built for signal conditioning. These components are part of a virtual instrument used for monitoring the acoustical emission. The main goal of this work is to develop a virtual instrument that supplies many important data as the result of an analysis allowing to have information in an easy and friendly way. Moreover this information is very useful for studying and resolving several situations in planning, production and testing areas. The main characteristics of the virtual instrument are: signal analysis in time, effective power measurement in Decibels (dB), average intensity taken from the principle of paired microphones, as well as the data analysis in frequency. These characteristics are included to handle two information channels.



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Almeida-Pérez, J. J., Chaparro-Sánchez, R., Rojas-Molina, A., & Rí­os-CabreraR. (2004). Acoustic emission analyzer. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 2(03).