Antennas array adjust with Adaptive Neuronal System

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A. Padrón
J. I. Garduño
A. A. Herrera
R. Prieto


In this work an array failure correction for Linear Antenna Array (LAA) is presented. This is carried out by means of an Adaptive Artificial Neural Network (AANN) that adjusts the amplitude and phase at beamforming. The appropriated corrections are given, when one, or two, or three elements have a failure in the antenna linear array. The AANN corrects the corresponding parameters in the radiation pattern obtained due to the failure, when we know the coefficients of the array factor (AF). This yields a reduction of side lobe level and some interferences disappear.



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Padrón, A., Garduño, J. I., Herrera, A. A., & Prieto, R. (2004). Antennas array adjust with Adaptive Neuronal System. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 2(03).