Efficient circuit implementation of morlet wavelets

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M. Meléndez-Rodrí­guez
J. Silva-Martí­nez
R. Spencer


A family of versatile building blocks intended for the implementation of Morlet wavelets is proposed. The circuits are compact, fully programmable, and well suited for low-voltage and low-power applications. The resulting wavelet is temperature compensated and low sensitive to process parameter variations. Using current sources can independently control the main wavelet parameters. Hspice and breadboard results demonstrate the feasibility of both the wavelet realization and proposed circuits.



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Meléndez-Rodrí­guezM., Silva-Martí­nezJ., & Spencer, R. (2005). Efficient circuit implementation of morlet wavelets. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 3(01). https://doi.org/10.22201/icat.16656423.2005.3.01.568