Electronic model of a dubois fuzzy integration neuron

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J.L. Pérez S.
A. Garcés M
F. Cabiedes C.
A. Miranda V.


In this work, we present a fuzzy electronic neuron that has a Dubois fuzzy integration method, an activation function with a fuzzy threshold, and a fuzzy response. We generated a fuzzy sum of the input signals and a shooting threshold value defined by means of a triangular or sinusoidal membership function. We present the electronic circuits, the oscilograms of the neuron responses, the value of the fuzzy integral, and we compare their behavior with those of a conventional leaky integrator neuron.



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Pérez S., J., Garcés M, A., Cabiedes C., F., & Miranda V., A. (2009). Electronic model of a dubois fuzzy integration neuron. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 7(01). https://doi.org/10.22201/icat.16656423.2009.7.01.511