Dynamic fuzzy logic functor

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J. L. Pérez-Silva
A. Garcés-Madrigal
A. Miranda-Vitela
F. Lara-Rosano.


This is a fuzzy logical element from which we can generate all the fuzzy connectives as particular cases of it. This functor was a result of the frequency threshold dependent fuzzy logic. We will show that fuzzy logic connectives are generated by a defined group of inputs from this fuzzy functor as dependence of frequency threshold. If we apply time varying signals to the functor, we will see that the responses of the functor depend on the concordances of the input signals and the frequency threshold value. The value of the logical functor threshold can be a time dependent function in such a way that, when varying the threshold, the form that the functor takes as logical connective changes for each time dependent threshold function value in time. In this work we will define the logical functor, we will show its logical operation procedure and we will show the electronic circuit in which a functional model was implanted.



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Pérez-Silva, J. L., Garcés-Madrigal, A., Miranda-Vitela, A., & Lara-Rosano., F. (2008). Dynamic fuzzy logic functor. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 6(02). https://doi.org/10.22201/icat.16656423.2008.6.02.510

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