Four laws for today and tomorrow

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Petar Kocovic


For the last twenty years, one field has had a very important impact on our lives and economy. Related to technology, some observations in IT and ICT fields, started in the mid-seventies would have an impact in the next decade. Very dramatic and fast changes on the telecommunication technology and on the theory of information in general were defined by four rules from which three are non-technical and were defined by people who belonged to the business world rather than to the science field. Shannon (1947), Moore (1965), Metcalfe (1985) and Gilder (1990s) defined the fast development of the ICT and the telecommunications sector. Their formulations would become some sort of laws which will be valid throughout the first decade of 21st century.



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Kocovic, P. (2008). Four laws for today and tomorrow. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 6(03).