Shock Performance of Different Semiactive Damping Strategies

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D. F. Ledezma-Ramirez
N. Ferguson
M. Brennan


The problem of shock generated vibration is presented and analyzed. The fundamental background is explained based on the analysis of a single degree-of-freedom model with passive stiffness and damping. The advantages and limitations of such a shock mount are discussed. Afterwards, different semi-active strategies involving variable damping are presented. These strategies have been used for harmonic excitation but it is not clear how they will perform during a shock. This paper analyzes the different variable damping schemes already used for harmonic vibration in order to find any potential advantages or issues for theoretical shock pulses.



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Ledezma-Ramirez, D. F., Ferguson, N., & Brennan, M. (2010). Shock Performance of Different Semiactive Damping Strategies. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 8(02).