Automation Of An I-V Characterization System

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J. R. Noriega
A. Vera-Marquina
C. Acosta Enríquez


In this paper, an accurate I-V virtual instrument (VI) that has been developed to characterize electronic devices for research and teaching purposes is demonstrated. The virtual instrument can be used to highlight principles of measurement, instrumentation, fundamental principles of electronics, VI programming, device testing and characterization in wafer or discrete device level. It consists of a Keithley electrometer, model 6514, a programmable power supply BK Precision, model 1770, a Keithley source meter, model 2400-LV, an Agilent digital multimeter, model 34401, a PC computer and LabVIEW software. The instruments are interconnected using an IEEE 488 protocol. The characteristic VI devices graphs are generated from measured data previous computational processing. The instrument is used in basic courses of physical electronics as well as in advance curses of VLSI design and in research work for characterization of semiconductor materials and devices. This paper describes the VI instrument design, implementation and characterization experiments.



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Noriega, J. R., Vera-Marquina, A., & Acosta Enríquez, C. (2010). Automation Of An I-V Characterization System. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 8(02).

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