Plane-and Space-Filling Trees by Means of Chain Coding

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E. Bribiesca
N. Espinosa-Dominguez


An algorithm for constructing fractal trees is presented. Fractal trees are represented by means of the notation called the

unique tree descriptor [E. Bribiesca, A method for representing 3D tree objects using chain coding, J. Vis. Commun.

Image R. 19 (2008) 184-198]. In this manner, we only have a one-dimensional representation by each fractal tree via a

chain of base-five digit strings suitably combined by means of parentheses. The unique tree-descriptor notation is

invariant under rotation and translation. Furthermore, using this descriptor it is possible to obtain the mirror image of any

fractal tree with ease. In this paper, we focus on fractal plane-filling trees and space-filling trees.



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Bribiesca, E., & Espinosa-Dominguez, N. (2011). Plane-and Space-Filling Trees by Means of Chain Coding. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 9(02).

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