An architecture for design and planning of mobile television networks

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R. Tamayo-Fernández
P. J. Mendoza-Valencia
A. Serrano-Santoyo


Mobile television (TV), made possible by the convergence of media, telecommunications and consumer electronics
industries, is one of the most hyped new mobile services in several countries [1]. The advertised key features of
mobile TV are personalization, interactivity, and most importantly, the ability to watch TV programming while on the
go. The deployment of a mobile TV network consists of several stages that require careful planning. There are
available simulation packages for designing wireless technologies, however, for mobile TV there are still planning and simulations concerns that have to be addressed in order to identify its design challenges. This article reviews the main
parameters that should be taken into account to support the design and planning of a mobile TV network and
proposes an architecture for its implementation.



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Tamayo-Fernández, R., Mendoza-Valencia, P. J., & Serrano-Santoyo, A. (2011). An architecture for design and planning of mobile television networks. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 9(03).