A Survey Analysis Of The Resource Selection Models In Agile/Virtual Enterprises

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A. Pires
G. Putnik
P. Ávila


In this work, a survey is made of the analysis of the resource selection process. We approach the process also from

the point of view of conventional enterprises but with particular emphasis on the existent models in Agile/Virtual

Enterprises in order to identify the main limitations and shortcomings of the process.

This analysis was focused in the global process of the resource selection, namely in terms of the pre-selection and

selection phases, requisites, mathematical models, tools and other relevant areas in the existent models.

It is concluded that the resource pre-selection is an area that is not adequately explored in a systematic way. The

value concept is not incorporated in the selection process. As a result, a reasoned analysis is not performed of the

decision-making process for creating an Agile/Virtual Enterprise. These conclusions were made to envision a future

approach that allows the incorporation of new areas that contribute to the improvement of the resource selection




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Pires, A., Putnik, G., & Ávila, P. (2012). A Survey Analysis Of The Resource Selection Models In Agile/Virtual Enterprises. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 10(3). https://doi.org/10.22201/icat.16656423.2012.10.3.399