Advanced Engineering Platform for Industrial Development

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M. A. González-Palacios


This paper introduces a full description of a software development platform involving libraries that allow the creation

of software packages focused not only on industrial applications, but also on applications where design, modeling

and/or on-line simulation are required. The flexibility of the main classes simplifies the generation of modules that

constitute an application developed with this platform. Furthermore, any custom application starting from scratch

contains by default a set of functions that facilitates the developer firstly to build the graphical environment with

capabilities to interact with the pointing device, and secondly, to accomplish machinery control tasks while

communicating with input/output components; such is the case of digital-analog cards or modules connected

remotely. Besides, any fully developed application can be considered as a platform to generate another with a higher

level of specialization. Several applications built with this platform are reported here as case studies.

Keywords: Software development, mechanical-system simulation, modeling, object-oriented programming, machinery

process control.



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