Web Tools 2.0 for Health Promotion in Mexico

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M.M. García-Cuéllar
L. Ochoa-Tello
M.L. Atrián-Salazar
L.S. Palacio-Mejía
J.E. Hernández-Ávila
E.L. González-González


Web Tools 2.0 are potential allies for health promotion, since they can provide the population with information in order toimprove their health; they are an effective way to share knowledge within the health sector institutions. In Mexico, these toolsare used by public and private organizations. We explain what Web Tools 2.0 are and which the ones mostly used in thehealth field are. For this, a documentary research project was carried out and scientific virtual libraries were consulted; theinformation was collected and analyzed, with the following results: the ones that are mostly used are the social networks,followed by the content management platforms and, finally, by the knowledge management systems. Mexico faces thechallenge of increasing access to these tools for most of the population as well as extending digital literacy.



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García-Cuéllar, M., Ochoa-Tello, L., Atrián-Salazar, M., Palacio-Mejía, L., Hernández-Ávila, J., & González-González, E. (2013). Web Tools 2.0 for Health Promotion in Mexico. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 11(5). https://doi.org/10.1016/S1665-6423(13)71579-7