Towards the Design of Safety-Critical Software

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R. Rafeh
A. Rabiee


Safety is the most important factor when developing software for safety-critical systems. Traditional approachesattempted to achieve safety through testing the software. However, there might be some bugs in the software notrevealed in the test procedure. Formal verification is a new trend in developing safe software. In this paper, wepropose a multi-phase formal approach for safety management in safety-critical software. We use timed transitionPetri-net as a formal means to specify the properties of the model and their relations in each component of thesoftware. In addition, we use the Z language to specify textual and mathematical specifications of the model, as arepresentative model to evaluate the proposed approach; we chose continuous infusion insulin pump (CIIP).



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Rafeh, R., & Rabiee, A. (2013). Towards the Design of Safety-Critical Software. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 11(5).