Temperature and Thermal Stresses of Vehicles Gray Cast Brake

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A. Belhocine
M. Bouchetara


The main purpose of this study is to analyze the thermomechanical behavior of the dry contact between the brake discand pads during the braking phase. The simulation strategy is based on computer code ANSYS11. The modeling oftransient temperature in the disc is actually used to identify the factor of geometric design of the disc to install theventilation system in vehicles. The thermo-structural analysis is then used with coupling to determine the deformationestablished and the Von Mises stresses in the disc, the contact pressure distribution in pads. The results aresatisfactory when compared to those found in previous studies.



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Belhocine, A., & Bouchetara, M. (2013). Temperature and Thermal Stresses of Vehicles Gray Cast Brake. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 11(5). https://doi.org/10.1016/S1665-6423(13)71575-X