A novel quadriphase ZCZ sequences for QS-CDMA systems

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B. Fassi
S. Driz
I. Merrabi


In this article, a novel method for constructing quadriphase Zero Correlation Zone (ZCZ) sequence sets based on the mutually orthogonal complementary sets (MOCS) matrix and polyphase perfect sequence is presented. Based on the obtained MATLAB results in terms of correlation functions, it can be mentioned that the resultant ZCZ set is suitable for quasi-synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (QS-CDMA) systems. The obtained sequence sets are near-optimal concerning mathematical bound, and their construction is more flexible than other polyphase ZCZ constructions. Furthermore, their parameters can be chosen flexibly.


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Fassi, B., Driz, S., & Merrabi, I. (2024). A novel quadriphase ZCZ sequences for QS-CDMA systems . Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 22(3), 380–388. https://doi.org/10.22201/icat.24486736e.2024.22.3.2351