Design and Construction of a Didactic 3-DOF Parallel Links Robot Station with a 1-DOF Gripper

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A. Gómez-Espinosa
P.D. Lafuente-Ramón
C. Rebollar-Huerta
M.A. Hernández-Maldonado
E.H. Olguín-Callejas
H. Jiménez-Hernández
E.A. Rivas-Araiza
J. Rodríguez-Reséndiz


The main objective of the construction of a robot station presented in this article is to allow the students to design andproduce a feasible-to-build mechatronic device using robust, low-cost components. It is a tool for students to gainexperience integrating different mechatronic fields of knowledge, as well as practicing the procedures needed tosuccessfully accomplish their own design. The project starts by describing the target requirements to be achieved bythe prototype robot, these requirements will serve as the guideline for the design and further manufacture and testingof the system. The sub-assemblies of the mechanism are analyzed, main technical areas and their processes arediscussed individually emphasizing the methods and materials used, then results are presented along with somepractical recommendations to extend the scope of the project and improve the performance of the prototype robot. Ithas been especially important to maintain the didactical approach and design the platform with affordable componentsthat can be easily obtained; this is also true for the tools and software used. The article is also intended to introducethe student to industrial design methodology, allowing for different manufacturing processes and robot architectures tobe incorporated for the specific scope of the project and the available tools and facilities.



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Gómez-Espinosa, A., Lafuente-Ramón, P., Rebollar-Huerta, C., Hernández-Maldonado, M., Olguín-Callejas, E., Jiménez-Hernández, H., Rivas-Araiza, E., & Rodríguez-Reséndiz, J. (2014). Design and Construction of a Didactic 3-DOF Parallel Links Robot Station with a 1-DOF Gripper. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 12(3).