Vibration Analysis of Rolling Element Bearings Defects

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H. Saruhan
S. Sarıdemir
A. Çiçek
İ. Uygur


In this work, vibration analysis of rolling element bearings (REBs) defects is studied. The REBs are the most widelyused mechanical parts in rotating machinery under high load and high rotational speeds. When the defect in arolling element comes into contact with another element surface, an impact force is generated which is resulting inan impulsive response of the bearing. A defect at any element of the REB transmits to all other elements such asouter race, inner race, ball and, train cage of the bearing. The defect in rolling elements may lead to seriouscatastrophic consequences resulting in costly downtime. For this purpose, the vibration analysis technique which isa reliable and accurately detecting defect in the bearing elements is used. The vibration data captured and used fordetermination and validation is composed from four different defects states of the REB -outer raceway defect, innerraceway defect, ball defect, and combination of the bearing elements defect- and one representing normal state ofthe bearing for four different running speeds with two load levels. The results obtained from the experiments haveillustrated and explained.



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Saruhan, H., Sarıdemir, S., Çiçek, A., & Uygur, İ. (2014). Vibration Analysis of Rolling Element Bearings Defects. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 12(3).