Harmonic Distorted Load Control in a Microgrid

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A. Khaledian
B. Vahidi
M. Abedi


ABSTRACTIn this paper the response of a microgrid to the interfaced harmonic distorted load is analyzed. A new controlalgorithm to mitigate harmonic distortion is considered for distributed generators (DGs) and the effect of this controlscheme is shown in the currents of DGs and other loads.

The proposed control algorithm is compared with the conventional control strategy for harmonic distorted loads that issinusoidal source current strategy based on the instantaneous reactive power (IRP) theory. PSCAD simulation resultsfor IRP theory control show high total harmonic distortion (THD) and 3rd harmonic percent. In comparison innervoltage and current controllers of the proposed control scheme with their disturbance rejection capability, mitigateTHD and 3rd harmonic percent. For this control system MATLAB simulation results are shown.

By demonstrating the traditional sinusoidal source current control strategy based on IRP theory, it is concluded thatignoring the distortion power (D) in compensating process and also sub-harmonics of Pαβ crossing from the controllerinterior high pass filter cause the presence of some harmonic components and high THD.



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Khaledian, A., Vahidi, B., & Abedi, M. (2014). Harmonic Distorted Load Control in a Microgrid. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 12(4). https://doi.org/10.1016/S1665-6423(14)70095-1