Supply Chain Disruptions Propagation Caused by Criminal Acts

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M. G. Cedillo-Campos
G. Pérez-Salas
A. Bueno-Solano
R. G. González-Ramírez
E. Jímenez- Sánchez


To understand disruptions and their propagation along the supply chains is becoming critical for designing competitiveglobal supply chains operating in emerging economies. It leads to economic damages to every organization involvedin a supply chain, but it also decreases national logistics competitiveness. This research provides numerical elementsin terms of significance of the security issue in Latin America, and at the same time, proposes a system dynamicsassessment model based on real-life information, able to establish analysis scenarios in order to measure the impactsderived of supply chain disruptions propagation caused by criminal acts. Finally, useful conclusions for designingmore resilient supply chains and future research are exposed.



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Cedillo-Campos, M. G., Pérez-Salas, G., Bueno-Solano, A., González-Ramírez, R. G., & Jímenez- Sánchez, E. (2014). Supply Chain Disruptions Propagation Caused by Criminal Acts. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 12(4).