Flood Risk Assessment in Humanitarian Logistics Process Design

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C. Díaz-Delgado
J. Gaytán Iniestra


This article deals with the relationship between a flood risk assessment and the humanitarian logistics process designrelated to emergency events caused by flooding. The magnitude and timing of the flooding is estimated using aforecasting model that requires a hydrologic component to convert rainfall into runoff as well as a hydraulic componentto route the flow through the stream network predicting time and severity of the flood wave. Once these componentsare known, and with the intention of mitigating the impact of the flood wave on the population, we provide the relevantaspects to define humanitarian aid and evacuation plans including processes and metrics of it. Finally, an examplethat integrates both methodologies is included.



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Díaz-Delgado, C., & Gaytán Iniestra, J. (2014). Flood Risk Assessment in Humanitarian Logistics Process Design. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 12(5). https://doi.org/10.1016/S1665-6423(14)70604-2