Problem for Light Pipes and a Solution Proposal

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G. Lizárraga-Lizárraga
T. E. Salais-Fierro
J. A. Saucedo-Martínez
R. Garza-Morales
J. Sánchez-Aguilar


This work deals with the light pipe problem. In this problem it is necessary to both put circles inside circles and circlesinside a rectangle. A mathematical model that considers the thickness of the pipes is introduced. This generates anew optimization problem that is harder to solve than other packing problems. The mathematical description of theproblem is introduced and some ideas of how to solve the problem are explained.



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Lizárraga-Lizárraga, G., Salais-Fierro, T. E., Saucedo-Martínez, J. A., Garza-Morales, R., & Sánchez-Aguilar, J. (2014). Problem for Light Pipes and a Solution Proposal. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 12(5).