Multi-Objective Lead-Time Control Problem with Stochastic Constraints

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M. Molavi
H. Hamzeli
V.M. Dalfard


This research intends to find out any development of a robust multi-objective for lead time optimal control problem in amulti-stage assembly system model. Assembly system modeling is possible by the help of the open queue network. Aworking station includes one or infinite servers and just manufacturing or assembly operations are performed therein.Each part has a separate entry process and independent of each other. It is completely based upon Poissonprocess.Serving Lead Time of Stations are also independent of each other and therefore exponential distribution ofeach parameter is controllable. All stations have bounded uncertain unrecyclable wastes which are completelyindependent in compliance with Erlang distribution. Uncertainty in the problem parameters has been suggested asrobust multi-objective optimal control model in which we have three incompatible target functions including cyclicoperation cost minimization, average lead time minimization and lead time variance. Finally, target progress methodhas been applied in order to achieve serving optimal speeds and solve discrete time of the main problemapproximately. The proposed model could present a suitable solution even for the same problem as mentioned inother related papers along with some considerable results in parameter uncertainty conditions.



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Molavi, M., Hamzeli, H., & Dalfard, V. (2014). Multi-Objective Lead-Time Control Problem with Stochastic Constraints. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 12(5).