Skyscraper: deceiver of vertical urbanism Skyscraper: deceiver of vertical urbanism

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Aleksandr S. Demidov


This paper develops a more diverse and multi-dimensional agenda for understanding and researching urban verticality. Particularly, it argues for the emergence of skyscrapers, the technological inventions that made this possible, the impact of high-rise buildings on the urban context and their interaction with it. It also draws attention to sociological aspects in the perception of skyscrapers and both role/status in advertising. The external and internal essence of skyscrapers, their interconnection and confrontation are considered. At the end, the question of the fullness of vertical urbanism is assessed and studied, its existence is called into question and the necessary conditions for its emergence are considered.



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Demidov, A. (2022). Skyscraper: deceiver of vertical urbanism. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 20(5), 606-612.