Privacy-preserving security solution for cloud services

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L. Malina
J. Hajny
P. Dzurenda
V. Zeman


We propose a novel privacy-preserving security solution for cloud services. Our solution is based on an efficient nonbilinear group signature scheme providing the anonymous access to cloud services and shared storage servers. The novel solution offers anonymous authenticationfor registered users. Thus, users' personal attributes (age, valid registration, successful payment) can be proven without revealing users' identity, and users can use cloud services without any threat of profiling their behavior. However, if a user breaks provider's rules, his access right is revoked.Our solution provides anonymous access, unlinkability and the confidentiality of transmitted data. We implement our solution as a proof of concept applicationand present the experimental results. Further, we analyzecurrent privacy preserving solutions for cloud services and group signature schemes as basic parts of privacy enhancing solutions in cloud services. We compare the performance of our solution with the related solutionsand schemes.



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Malina, L., Hajny, J., Dzurenda, P., & Zeman, V. (2015). Privacy-preserving security solution for cloud services. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 13(1).