Discrete-Time Modelling and State Feedback Control of a DC Motor with Inertial Load

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Uiliam Nelson Lendzion Tomaz Alves
Ricardo Breganon
Luiz Eduardo Pivovar
João Paulo Lima Silva de Almeida
Luís Fabiano Barone Martins
Gustavo Vendrame Barbara
Rodrigo Henrique Cunha Palácios
Marcio Mendonça


The position control in electromechanical systems can many times be performed by direct current (DC) motors. Due to this, the control of these devices is studied via several control strategies in the literature. In this work, the modeling of a direct current motor with coupled load is presented, including the experiments performed to obtain the main system’s parameters and the dynamic’s discretization process. The discretization is taking into account in order to allow the controller to be performed by a computer. From the obtained model, the state feedback control approach along with an observer was explored to create a digital controller for the considered DC motor. The obtained results, both from the simulation and the experimental setup, show that the obtained model is valid. Moreover, it is possible to conclude that the proposed control strategy conducts to appropriate results both in simulations and in experimental tests.



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Alves, U. N., Breganon, R., Pivovar, L. E., Almeida, J. P., Martins, L. F., Barbara, G., Palácios, R., & Mendonça, M. (2022). Discrete-Time Modelling and State Feedback Control of a DC Motor with Inertial Load. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 20(6), 718-728. https://doi.org/10.22201/icat.24486736e.2022.20.6.1304