Antenna performance enhancement using inter-coupling effect reducing mechanisms

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Gebrehiwet Gebrekrstos Lema


Recently, thinning an antenna has resulted in attractive antenna radiation characteristics enhancement. This performance enhancement using a thin antenna array is achieved because the inter-coupling effects of the array elements are reduced. Though the thinning both reduces the weight of the antenna and enhances the radiation characteristics, iterative algorithms can further enhance the performance and hence, in this research, an optimizer algorithm and inter-coupling reducing mechanisms are applied. The excitation weights of the individual array elements are thinned by turning some of the elements off while some of the elements are turned on. The purpose of the thinning is to enhance the antenna performances like reduced SLL, high directivity, reduced power consumption and flexible radiation pattern. The SLL attenuation mechanism is applied to reduce the SLL in addition to the SLL reduction using the thinning and beamforming. Hence, in this paper, the three techniques (thinning, beamforming and SLL attenuation) are proposed to be integrated to enhance the antenna radiation characteristics. In general, the proposed combined method has resulted in much better SLL reduction, directivity improvement, and power wastage reduction.



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Lema, G. (2020). Antenna performance enhancement using inter-coupling effect reducing mechanisms. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 18(3).
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Gebrehiwet Gebrekrstos Lema

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Mekelle University, Ethiopia